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All in UK online retail are welcome to register for and join this forum.

When registering, your account will initially be locked for review by our administrators - access is usually granted within 24 hours.

To ensure that we only allow access to bona-fide retailers, please ensure that you use an email address that is either from your online store's domain name or is visible in your eBay / similar listings when entered into Google.  If you use a hotmail or similar address, please follow the information in "The Front Desk" forum, which can be found by clicking the Enter Forum link top right.

It is customary on this forum to use a short name - either your own name or a nickname - if you wish to use an eBay ID, again, please follow the advice in "The Front Desk". - A private forum where online retailers can discuss sales strategies, products, customer traits and more without fear of excessive moderation or "button pushing".

All are welcome - the only criteria to entry is that you retail tangible goods online.  Sellers with their own web sites, eBay sellers, Amazonians, sellers, eBid, Tazbar and more are all welcome.

Off topic discussion areas (The Bar Room and The Joke Shop) are also available for friendly discussion and debate on any and all topics of the moment.

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That's the rules, nothing more.